• With 36 different shades, the range of Haino Parquet Manufacture palette is unique. Traditional methods highlight the essential tone of the timber. New shades are created using inspiration from earth elements in a process developed exclusively by Haino Parquet Manufacture. The result is rich, substantial color of luminous beauty, derived from natural sources.

  • Metropolitan and Villa collection product formats


    Chateau collection product formats


  • Wood grading selection

    Rustic selection (3 grade) is from the very heart of the tree. These wide boards reflect the whole life of the tree, sometimes up to 200 years of history, with the branch knots and the distinctive cracks caused by movement and stresses. We take these features and restore them by hand to produce a lively and unconventional board full of the character.

    Classic selection (2 grade) is wood from nearer to the center of the trunk where the boards are wider, the grain is more open, and shows more distinct knots and features, all of which are restored by hand in the traditional manner.

    Prime selection (1 grade) is wood with a certain refinement, characterized by a natural balance and harmony. It typically has a regular grain and structure with few natural imperfections.

    Exclusive selection (1+ grade) it is very best what exist in wood. Characterized by clear and balanced wood, it is excluded from mainly all imperfections, though still preserves the unique beauty of wood. Applicable for Haino Ash parquet only, and mainly characterized by “white” selection of wood.

  • Oak. We use only solid European oak sourced from forests in northern and central Europe. The grain varies from plank to plank; showing tight grain to heavily figured “flat-cut” sections. The color tones vary slightly from sandy yellow to subdued light greyish tone. Once finished, the wood takes on subtle color tone depending on lacquer or hardwax oil selection. It is normal, that the color might change over time when exposed to sunlight and direct light sources.

    Ash. We use European Ash that is intentionally selected for wide range of wood grain and color. Grain varies from sections with tight linear grain to planks that are heavily figured, and both feature equally in the wood selection for each flooring piece. Planks mainly vary in color from white to light brown to chocolate brown tones, as well include sections containing beige and coffee cream tones. These variations impart Ash with a rich character that is natural yet luxurious. Ash is well accepted by designers and architects for its beauty, and dimensional stability, but requires its own adaptation in interiors. Ash can change color over time, especially thermo treated version, particular when exposed to sunlight and direct light sources.

    All possible care has been taken to stabilize the wood during manufacturing to avoid warping and to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the timber without problems. However, solid wood reacts poorly to sudden or extreme changes in room temperature and humidity. To help avoid problems, it is best to keep most consistent environment possible. A humidifier can help normalize room humidity so wood does not dry out and crack during winter months.